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Biel Aesthetic
Surgery Clinic

Dr. Jan S. Enzler, M.D.
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Daniel A. Knutti, M.D.
FMH Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Thomas Gohla, M.D.
FMH Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

The clinic is open and operating normally (INFO) during the present COVID-19 period, with the required (standard in a professional clinic) health safety precautions. NO CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED TO ENTER THE CLINIC. Feel free to contact us by or via our CONTACT page.

JOB OPENING - GESUCHT PER SOFORT ODER NACH VEREINBARUNG: Diplomierte Pflegefachfrau für Nachtwache (Infos)

The Biel Aesthetic
Surgery Clinic

Beauty and Well-Being, as one timeless entity.

Beauty and Well-Being, as one timeless entity.

Trusted experience in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Hospitable, congenial setting with overnight recovery room
Convenient, easy access in Biel, minutes from main train station

Latest techniques skilfully provided in:

  • Breast augmentation surgery
  • Rhinoplasty, nose surgery
  • Face, neck and forehead lift
  • Blepharoplasty, upper/lower eyelid surgery
  • Fillers, neuromodulators, non-surgical procedures
  • Peelings

Your best choice for...

Clear, professional advice

An opportunity to discuss, in a relaxed environment, your expectations, wishes and concerns, as a patient, to ensure the best outcome for your own unique case and situation. You are special, and you're treated as such.

Expert surgical solutions

Each specific case is overseen by Dr. Knutti, a Swiss surgeon with decades of experience and a worldwide reputation as a top lecturer and keen innovator at prestigious international conferences.

Full aesthetic services

Our clinic provides professionally-trained personnel and support for supplementary procedures such as fillers, wrinkle smoothing with neuromodulators, PRP needling or other non-surgical aesthetic interventions. Everything at the same address, for your greatest safety.

Top-of-the-line facilities

Our centrally-located clinic, five minutes from Biel's central train station, is equipped with its own high-tech operating room (OR) as well as an adjacent private recovery area, with a professional night nurse to see you through the first hours.

Quick access

SHR - Latest-generation Laser Hair Removal

Two technologies in one

A unique system that combines the best of time-tested laser and pulsed-light (flash) systems, for highest efficacy in hair removal, and greatest patient comfort.


View VR at the clinic, or at home

Get a close-up look at your new face or body shape, thanks to VR (Virtual Reality)

With VR goggles, you'll be able to see the results directly, and even be able to look at yourself in full 3D, in virtual mirrors!

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