Our Team

Staff of the Biel Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

(from left to right)

Agnes Herrmann (Night nurse), Dr. Jacqueline Knutti (Clinic management), Valentina Rubi (Head secretary), Angela Lehmann (Hair transplantation specialist), Larissa Kurzo (Secretary), Dr. Daniel Knutti (FMH medical specialist and surgeon, plastic and aesthetic surgery), Silvia Graf (Operating room technical assistant), Mirjam Vonarburg (Operating room manager, cryolipolysis), Dr. Eva Knajbl (Anesthesia), Therese Wüthrich (Hair transplantation assistant-specialist), Dr. Mikhail Blajenov M.D. (Anesthesia) / (Missing: Penna Scilla (Laser hair removal, LPG endermology, cryolipolysis), Nizama Celikovic (Hair transplantation assistant-specialist), Isabelle Menia-Knutti (Physiotherapist MSc))


MD degree and PhD (1977) in human medicine at the University of Berne
FMH Title for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery 1984
Chief-resident and assistant professor (3 years) at the Department for Plastic Surgery, University of Berne
Specialisation in Aesthetic Surgery in different centers in USA
Opening of private practice in Biel 1.1.1988

Founding Past-President of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Surgery (SSCE-SGAC)

Affiliations and Memberships:
- Swiss Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (Past President) (SGPRAC)
- Swiss Society for Aesthetic Surgery (SGAC)
- Member of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
- Swiss-Austrian Society for Better-Aging (SAABA)
- Swiss Society for Senology
- Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery