Crisalix 3D Simulation

Scan Process image

1 - Let your surgeon prepare image scans during your consultation, or begin the process at home.

Preparatory image scans for the 3D process can be done during your clinic consultation, or using three photos that you upload yourself.

Face image (motion GIF)

2 - See the new you in 3D!

In just a few seconds, your 3D simulated images will be generated. You can then decide with your surgeon what suits you best, and make changes.

View VR at the clinic, or at home

3 - Get a close-up look at your new face or body shape, thanks to VR (Virtual Reality)

With VR goggles, you'll be able to see the results directly, and even be able to look at yourself in full 3D, in virtual mirrors!

Face and computer tablet image

4 - Share your 3D images, share your journey

After your consultation at the clinic, you'll be able to take your 3D images home on your own device, and show them to family and friends, for additional comments or advice.