Laser hair removal


In a few words

SHR is the latest technological evolution in permanent hair removal. It combines well-known, reliable laser technology with the advantages of pulsed-light methods, in a single technique that offers the gentlest, most painless treatment available today. It also allows the treatment of previously difficult hair types, while remaining much more pleasant for the patient and leaving the skin better protected against damage.

SHR Hair Removal
SHR laser Super Hair Removal

Advantages of SHR, in a clinical environment

  • New technology, gentle and almost totally painless
  • Medical supervision and advice from a competent team permanently available, in clinic setting
  • A hair-transplant specialist is also available, at the clinic, to answer any questions
  • Even sun-tanned and dark skin can be treated as well as very light hairs

Frequently-asked questions

What is the difference between SHR and pulsed flashlamp technology?
Conventional lasers or IPL (flashlamp devices) use very short pulses with enormous energy. They drive the energy into the hair through the melanin (pigment of the hair) down to the root, to produce concentrated, focalized heat of 65° to 72°C. The energy reaches the root exclusively via the melanin. SHR technology, on the other hand, works only partially (about 50%) through the melanin/pigment. In addition, SHR also acts directly through the skin on the stem cells that produce the new hair. It is now known that instead of the short, high energy bursts, a slow but prolonged warming is much more effective for permanent hair removal. For this reason, SHR does not use single pulses with extreme energy peaks, but treats the tissue 6-10 times with a lower energy having a high repetition rate. Thus, the melanin of the hair and the stem cells are heated slowly but over a longer period of time (up to 90 seconds) to a moderate temperature of approx. 45°C, which is gentler on the skin. Thus, blonde and sometimes even white hair can be successfully treated with SHR.

Which areas can be treated?
With SHR, hair can be removed from any region of the body. An exception would be the fine contours of the eyebrows.

What role do skin and hair colour, and bodily hair thickness play?
Light skin with dark and thick hairs responds best to the treatment, as with conventional technologies. However, as already mentioned, SHR technology works in two different ways and therefore dark skin types and low-pigment, finer hairs can also be treated successfully.

What does the patient feel during the treatment?
Unlike conventional IPL and laser devices, the treatment is practically painless. In densely hairy areas, one feels a feeling of warmth as well, along with the light impulses, but it is nowhere as intense as with flashlamps or conventional lasers.

How many treatments are necessary?
This can vary greatly depending on the hair type, but usually between 6 and 10 treatments are necessary.

How long does a treatment take?
The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the area. For example, the time required varies from 15-30 minutes for a facial treatment and up to 2 hours to do both legs.

At what intervals do the treatments take place?
The ideal interval between treatments is about 6 weeks, as this corresponds to the hair growth cycle.

Are there any side effects?
Some parts of the body react more sensitively than others and in rare cases the skin may redden. This redness usually goes away after a few hours, but it can also be similar to a sunburn and last a few days. In contrast to conventional systems, crusting and blisters or pigment changes are extremely rare.

What is required on the part of the patient, before the treatment?
The hair should not be plucked or waxed in the 6 weeks prior to the treatment, although shaving is permitted. The area to be worked on should be shaved ONE DAY before the patient's appointment.

What special care should the patient undertake after the treatment?
The skin's own natural sun protection is greatly reduced after the intensive light treatment. Apply a sun block (SPF 30 - 50) for at least one week. The hair will fall out naturally after a period of 1-5 weeks. It should NOT be plucked, waxed or pulled, but shaving is allowed.

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