Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation is one of the most widespread operations in aesthetic surgery. Requests for this operation come from all age groups but especially from younger patients looking for a fuller shape, closer to the image they seek, or would like to project.

Breast augmentation - Before-After preview

First appointment and 3D simulation

The preliminary consultation at the clinic aims to establish what kind of operation is most likely to fulfil the patient's expectations. Our CRISALIX 3D simulation system is also available if the patient would like to visualize directly the results that can be expected with different models, sizes or shapes of implants. This first consultation is very thorough and lasts approx. 45 minutes.

Breast augmentation through the patient's armpit

Image showing the small, well-concealed scar in the armpit, once healing has occurred.

It is entirely feasible, through this recent technic, to insert the breast implants through small incisions made in the patient's armpits. For many, this option is a highly attractive one, with minimal scarring and no involvement whatsoever of other areas, on or under the breast.

Dr. Knutti is one of very few surgeons in Switzerland to master this relatively new technic and to make regular use of it, with very positive results. Many patients are quite delighted with this method, with leaves no visual impact on their nipples or under the breast.

Operation specifics

On the day of the operation, the patient is greeted at the clinic by our staff nurse, into a private room where she is prepared for the forthcoming surgery. In the operating room, Dr. Knutti then marks where the incision will be made, under the armpit or under the breast (or rarely, on the outer edge of the nipple), to allow the insertion of the actual breast implant to be used. If the operation is expected to occur under full anaesthesia, the anaesthetist will meet the patient, explain the procedure and answer any questions she might have. In many cases, full anaesthesia is not necessary and the operation can be performed under sedation and only local anaesthesia.

Dr. Knutti's clinic uses only implants of the very highest quality, filled with a non-liquid gel which will not leak, even in the case of a rupture. The latest implants provide excellent, reliable results as well as a highly natural appearance. Depending on the patient's skin type and/or the amount of fatty tissue in the breast area, the implant will be inserted on or behind the muscle layer, for the most natural-looking result.

A breast augmentation operation with the implant inserted behind the muscle layer takes approximately one hour and requires full anaesthesia, in most cases. A breast augmentation operation with the implant over/on the muscle is usually feasible with only local anaesthesia and sedation.

Post-operative care

After 24 hours, the first bandage is removed and the sores closely inspected. A fresh dressing is then put in place and the patient is given a special brassiere to wear, as well as a strapping device held by Velcro, to ensure the new breasts retain their exact placement while the healing continues. After about a week, the patient can opt to wear a bra of their own choosing, while keeping in mind that wearing a bra is highly recommended during at least the first two months after the operation, at the very least, through the daylight hours. Any discomfort you might feel during the healing process can easily be handled by standard pain killers, which the clinic will provide if necessary.

In summary:

Time in Operating Room (OR)

Approximately one hour, with full anaesthesia, or partial anaesthesia and sedation

Duration of stay in clinic

Ambulatory treatment in most cases (patient is released the same day) or, if the patient wishes, overnight stay at the clinic

Post-operatory care

Custom support strapping for first four days, then special brassiere for a full week (day and night). After this crucial period, the patient can return to wearing a bra of her own choosing, the continued wearing of which is highly recommended at least during the day for at least two months.

Time away from work

Absence of approx. 5-7 days
or 1-2 weeks if work is of a physical nature

Return to normal sporting activities

After four weeks

Cost of a breast augmentation using implants

All-inclusive price between CHF 8,500.- and CHF 11,500.-, including implants and post-operative follow-up.

Breast augmentation without an operation

Breast augmentation with one's own fat

A non-surgical procedure exists whereby a patient's own fatty cells can be extracted from certain areas of the body, then purified, centrifuged and re-injected into the patient's breasts, to increase their size. To achieve a satisfactory result, one should expect to undergo two or three such procedures, which are of course only possible if the patient has a sufficient amount of excess fat in other areas.

Breast augmentation using filler

Breast augmentation can also be achieved using hyaluronic acid fillers such as "Macrolane" but the technic is not considered reliable. Indeed, "Macrolane" is no longer authorized for use in Switzerland.