Gluteoplasty, buttock enlargement surgery

BBL or "Brazilian Butt Lift"


In recent years, the importance of a well-shaped, attractive posterior has strongly gained in importance. The buttocks can be either be firmed up, reshaped or enlarged, through gluteoplasty. A popular operation is the enlargement of the buttocks using a person's own, or autologous fat. In this procedure, fat is removed by suction from the waist region and, after it has been purified, filtered and centrifuged, is then injected into the buttocks. In the case of the skin having grown slack, it may be necessary for tightening-up body-contouring surgery to be done.

A new and highly successful operation is the so-called "Brazilian" method or BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) - the enlargement of the buttocks using implants, similar to the technics used in breast augmentation surgery. The implants are inserted into the buttocks by small, hidden incisions between the buttocks to give an impressive, permanent result that in no way hinders the patient's daily life, or even sporting activity. It is important that the operation be done by a highly experienced plastic surgeon and for this reason, few clinics offer it. Dr. Knutti is an expert in this type of treatment.

Gluteoplasty, BBL Before-After preview image

Enlargement of the buttocks using one's own adipose fat

This method can be considered when a sufficient quantity of fat is present elsewhere on the body, usually around the lower body. The excess fatty tissue is removed by liposuction then re-injected into the buttocks, providing an improvement in appearance in both the waist and the buttocks. This ambulatory type of treatment is usually performed under local anaesthesia, with intravenous sedation, and leaves no visible scars.

Surgical enlargement of the buttocks using implants

Many patients who desire a different shape of buttocks are slim and are therefore not good candidates for an enlargement using one's own fat, as there simply isn't enough fat available to make it feasible. In these cases, Dr. Knutti recommends the use of intramuscularly placed implants. The procedure is done under peridural anaesthesia and lasts approx. 1-2 hours. Patients are then kept overnight at the clinic, for proper follow-up and care. Dr. Knutti is one of the few plastic surgeons in Switzerland with expertise in this highly specialised procedure.

Post-operative care

In the case of enlargement of the buttocks with one's own fat, disability is 3-5 days, with minimal discomfort or pain. In a surgical procedure involving implants, the complete bending of the hip is restricted for about one week and disability/down-time is approx. 14 days. During this period, it is important to allow the muscle layers to heal correctly and in the right position. Any post-operative pain or discomfort can be easily handled by the use of appropriate pain killers.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Which is better? An enlargement with one's own fat or with implants?

If a much larger volume is the objective, implants are probably the better way to go, and will give a longer, more reliable result. An enlargement with one's own fat is only possible if there is sufficient fat in any case.

Does the enlargement procedure give permanent results?

In the case of enlargement with implants, the result is permanent and no loss of volume will occur. In the case of enlargement with one's own fat, a certain number of the transplanted fatty cells will eventually die off and the result is therefore only clearly established after about six months.

Is the volume of the buttocks affected by a hip-lift operation?

No, the volume remains unchanged since only the skin is tightened.

Will my "love handles" (at the waist) be adjusted as well, during a buttock augmentation procedure?

As a rule, a harmonisation of both the buttocks and waist is attempted. Even if implants are used, the fatty tissues in adjacent areas are usually taken into consideration, in an effort to create a perfect silhouette.

Can intensive body building or muscular training give similar results to buttock enlargement surgery?

Intensive or targeted muscle training can certainly improve the shape of a person's buttocks. This improvement is limited, however, and is in no way comparable to the dramatic change that surgical enlargement can bring.

Are there many scars, after a buttock enlargement procedure?

No visible scars remain, after either an enlargement with one's own fat, or after an implant-based enlargement. After the autologous-fat method, only small stitch-like scars remain, which in time completely disappear. After an implant operation, two small scars between the buttocks heal quickly and in time, disappear completely.

Can a buttock-enlargement operation be combined with other surgical procedures?

Naturally. This kind of operation is often performed at the same time as other aesthetic surgical procedures, for a fully harmonised enhancement of a person's silhouette.

Does the final result look natural?

Whether with one's own fat or with the use of implants, the result is very natural indeed. It of course depends on the look that the patient is seeking, and the size of implants selected.

What are the risks involved in buttock augmentation surgery?

Swelling or infection can occur, if the conditions are not optimal, as in any surgical procedure. In addition, if the procedure is based on using a person's own fat for the enlargement, the final result might not be as large as what was expected. With implants, the result is much more reliable, and the size permanent. An experienced and well-trained surgeon such as Dr. Knutti will establish during the early appointments what the patient's expectations are and provide realistic, enlightened counsel, for the best possible outcome.